• PC, Mac, iPad, tablet and smart phone friendly.

  • Manually updating your suppliers price lists is often an overdue or over looked task - i-framer takes care of it for you at no charge.

  • Software updates happen automatically. You read it right, automatically, no extra charges for catching up as you will always be up to date.

  • Free, friendly and personal support - as it should be.

  • Support via email, phone and skype. No hidden charges.

  • Notify customers by email or SMS - the first 50 SMS of every month are on us.

  • Create templates of any jobs you like.

  • Data is securely stored and automatically backed up to multiple geographic locations. Even if your computer dies or is stolen, continue right where you left off on any other device.

  • Store images of the artwork or completed job.

  • What's your profit margin? You choose. Markups can be scaled, static, adjusted or overridden. i-FRAMER is about flexiblilty and understanding every business prices differently.

  • Wastage can be set by percentage of used or actual.

  • Multiple users, no networking required..

  • Multiple locations, again no networking required.

plus more, and even more is still being developed... Head to our feature request page to see current request and progress.

Quote a framing Job in 30 Seconds

  • Find items as you type from thousands of preloaded and auto-updated items, or items that you have added yourself.
  • Pricing is instant, accurate and understandable.

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